The Hashtag Killer


Written & Directed by

 Brian Stephens

An Original Series

This story is about a citizen journalist named Erin Andrada,  who's currently struggling with her career choice.  When she thinks back to when she was a child, she remembers how naive she was to think that she could one day change the world with her voice.  

Many years later, after working so hard to accomplish her dreams, she finds herself at rock bottom. Everything she's worked for had been all thrown out the window as the idea that the mainstream media completely misleads the public with depressing and destructive lies.  


Determined to take a different approach despite the everyday personal conflicts she faces by her peers, she digs deeper into the media world, only to discover a dark secret that can’t be ignored. 


Throughout this journey, she will endure all kinds of obstacles along the way. She will face a sudden, and deep acceptance of truth that is impossible for anyone to see. This will be an awakening for all.


Teresa Navarro

as Erin Andrada

Brian Stephens

as  The Advisor

Stanislav Nyu as

Volkav The Assassin

Michael  Gilkison

as The Henchman