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"Justice in The House of Saud"



When it comes to News, no matter where the story takes place, it all comes down to credibility.  Networks are working overtime to rebrand themselves as Social Media makes its mark.  In the era of the digital age while political rhetoric plagues the country, many stations are either being labeled as fake news or journalists are being attacked. In the United States, we believe in the, "Freedom of the Press". Even if it's too far left or too far right, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution is to prevent the government from interfering with the distribution of information and opinions, protecting a democracy in which a government is accountable to the people.


In some countries, Journalists have been threatened, kidnapped and even murdered in retaliation for their work.  Journalists have been gundowned throughout the United States and targeted by disgruntled employees and readers alike. In 2018 around 34 Journalists were murdered, an 89 percent jump from the previous year. The number of Journalists in jail are at records highs as well.

Streaming Media Companies have now become the number one source for information throughout the world.  The issue is everyones an expert now and . If you're from the left or from the right, you subscribe to the left / right wing propaganda depending on your political views. Most stories are fabricated and videos are altered to gain the audience approval. Creating a subscription based platform.





WASHINGTON – Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign spelled out in elaborate detail a sophisticated, Kremlin-led operation to sow division in the U.S. and upend the election by using cyberattacks and social media as weapons.

The Russian operation was so successful, experts warn, they’ll almost certainly try again.












For people like us in the industry, we know we work hard to get the facts. But now everything is scrutinized by Influencers. Social Media has changed the landscape of journalism forever. 


The Company STRINGR has a positive platform for freelance videographers to generate income and it’s become a source for Producers when they need footage.


This is where I think we can rebrand the News Industry by embracing the Social Media Platform with Citizen Journalist News Teams, giving them a way to support themselves.


CONCEPT #1 - Investigative News Teams - From around the Nation / Pitch Reel


The Team Consist of:


1) The News Director - The Assignments ( a STRINGR Representative )

2) The Producer/Editor - Editorial

3)  The Videographer/ Citizen Journalist / Host - On-Air Talent ( The Visual Storyteller )

EPISODE 1 - PILOT  ( Pitched to Apple TV, AMAZON or NETFLIX )



OPENING SEQUENCE. - News and it's integrity to The American People. NON BIASED.. The accomplishments of our Nation and ethical dilemmas we face and how we respond as the World Watches on.


A HOST Introduces Each Story - ( From STRINGR PROFILES )



* What's important here, is that the viewers know they can get involved with the process. If a citizen journalist/videographer has a story they feel is important and needs to be addressed, or if they have footage that's important for people to see, they can submit their story to STRINGR and that a News Director will assess the story and if deemed credible, a local team would be assigned to follow up on the submissions.



INVESTIGATIVE NEWS STYLE PACKAGES / OR HIGHLIGHT PACKAGES  ( 4 Minutes in length ) similar to VICE - showcasing 3 to 4 packages per show. 

For a 1/2 hour show.


( Behind The Scenes ) The Producer/Editor - Following up on the STRINGR viewer submissions.  The producer posts the assignment and waits for the feedback. ( Starting 6am Monday EST )



Videographers/Citizen Journalists accepts assignment ( for PAY,  Videographers get paid after uploading footage,  $350-$500 depending on assignment )



After the assignment is completed and footage is uploaded, The Producer/Editor goes to work creating the story.  



( Behind the Scenes with The News Director and the Host/Anchor )  At this time, a few different projects are going on throughout the United States. Everything for the week has to be done by Friday 2pm EST ready for AIR when we go LIVE at 6PM EST to report on the stories, the show would be completed by end of week ( Ready for Prime Time )



There is a specific style in which I would film this project. Mostly filmed in the NewsRoom environment, Executive Office, following the main subjects around in their daily lives almost Documentary Style... we would really want to capture the integrity of the team responsible for the overall finished projects.







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