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Everything from AR/VR content, UNREAL ENGINE, METAHUMAN, 360 Cameras, Virtual Monitor Walls, Motion Capture tracking for MOCAP technology. Anything that has to do with Virtual production and creating content.

MAY 4th, 2024

Lets discuss UNREAL ENGINE and a new camera I just learned about that creates ampping of a House or establishment called the Matterport Pro 3. I want to use this camera to create virtual sets in UNREAL ENGINE. Will I have to use a combination of the Matterpoprt and the Insta360 Titan to create video interaction? I'm fascinated by this.

The first step, is to get the Matterport Poro 3 data into Unreal Engine CLEAN so we can work on it.

I also have questions about lighting, white balance in rooms for Sunlight and creating cool Lighting effects for like a Music Venue.

Lets start the discussion.


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